NEW Headspace Analyzers


LIGHTHOUSE is excited to announce the launch of a new family of headspace analyzers. This family builds on the instruments LIGHTHOUSE has already been delivering since introducing the laser-based headspace method to the pharmaceutical industry in 2000.

LIGHTHOUSE President Dr. James Veale remarked, “LIGHTHOUSE has always delivered the industry leading performance for laser-based headspace analyzers. This new family of instruments continues to demonstrate the quality and robustness that our customers have come to expect.” The new family of instruments includes the FMS-Oxygen Headspace Analyzer and the FMS-Moisture/Pressure Headspace Analyzer which are based on the current FMS-760 and FMS-1400 Headspace Analyzer models, as well as a brand new addition to the family, the FMS-Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analyzer.

Rapid non-destructive headspace analysis has proven to be a useful analytical method for gaining insight into product and process quality in sterile pharmaceutical activities across many different functional areas. LIGHTHOUSE headspace platforms have been implemented and validated by groups in formulation development, package development, process development, analytical QC, and finished product inspection in production and packaging.

The instruments are used in analytical and QC labs as well as in the parenteral production environment for a variety of applications including container closure integrity testing, headspace oxygen analysis for stability and shelf life studies, headspace oxygen monitoring for process development and IPC monitoring, and water activity determination.

There is a great opportunity to become familiar with these new headspace platforms and the corresponding applications in development, QC, and production. LIGHTHOUSE can come to your facility for a technical presentation and demonstration:

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Release New Generation FMS Family

NEW Headspace Analyzers